What is the third eye? Is the third eye true? Everything about the third eye

What is the third eye? Is the third eye true? Everything about the third eye

Hello, dear friends and companions of ALILAND site. Friends, at the request of a number of friends in this post, I would like to provide you, dear friends, with explanations regarding the third eye that are worth pondering, not insulting and cursing! Those superstitious loved ones who are not able to understand science and start cursing and cursing by reading scientific articles, please leave this site and do not read this article under any circumstances, because their minds do not have the capacity for science and only with They will suppress the insult of their complexes. I hope this article will be liked by science and truth enthusiasts. I invite you to read this article to the end and stay with ALILAND …

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What is the third eye?

There are many people in the world who believe that by opening the third eye, they are able to connect with the transcendental and parallel worlds! Some also believe that there is a third eye deep in the head and between the two eyes that needs to be opened !!! : -? Some people believe that the third eye is a bridge between physics and metaphysics !!! As stated in the following text taken from the “Doctor” site:

The third eye is the bridge between physics and metaphysics, appearance and interior, body and soul, body and mind, brain and mind, and the conscious and the unconscious.

Now let me (Ali Bake Mirzaei) tell you my analysis from the third eye! In response to the text quoted above, I must tell you that the only bridge between physics and metaphysics is the mind and logic! Now, I would like to draw your attention to another quote from this site:

When our body is in one place, it cannot be in one place or other places at the same time. These limitations do not apply to the metaphysical dimensions of our existence. So man can travel beyond the dimension of place and time through the third eye. In principle, with the help of Ajna, one can find other places and times in the physical world and even in other worlds.

In the above quote, apart from the fact that the body cannot be in two places at the same time, in relation to the second part, which states that “man can travel beyond the dimension of place and time through the third eye.” I must say, dear friend, when you do not know anything about something, it is better to remain silent and not feed unrealistic content to the visitors! When we do not know anything about it, it is better to remain silent! Where was the transcendental power of the pineal gland (the same third eye)! It is not bad to read a little about this gland in scientific research medical sites and know that it has been a toy for a lifetime and you have become a metaphysician!

Is the third eye true?

We have come to this point, but we still do not specify whether the third eye is finally true or not. In answer to this question, I must say that unfortunately there are many people in the world who are terribly interested in superstition, and the Iranians of the Jamaat are no exception to this rule! The third eye is the only child of some superstitious people! These people attribute the function of the mind to the third eye without thinking a bit about it! (They are also right, oh, this is a more transcendent form! For example, THIRD EYEEEEEE….

Now I ask you to pay attention to this quote from one of the articles on this site:

The pineal gland, or pine gland, or the pineal gland, sometimes referred to as the third eye, is also called the cerebellar gland. This gland is located deep in the brain and is composed of pineal and interstitial cells. This gland is directly related to the daily sleep-wake cycle due to the secretion of a hormone called melatonin and a chemical called serotonin, which is produced by this gland.

The reason why the existence of this cone-shaped gland makes some people think that it is related to transcendental issues is that this gland has many opioid receptors that are drug receptors. These drugs are generally specific types of amphetamine derivatives, and these receptors reduce sleep time. Abnormalities in this gland usually cause premature puberty! This is why most people who think they have supernatural powers have severe sexual perversions.

Last sentence:

Unfortunately, superstitions are spreading like a deadly virus in the world! They have been and are and will be those who are very interested in believing in superstitions! These people always tend to set aside the truth and only go to topics where there is more big talk and chakhan! The bigger the game, the more passion! These people have mixed superstitions with metaphysics to such an extent that metaphysics is losing its true meaning and interpretation. Hoping for the day when superstitions will be eradicated from the world.

be successful and victorious…

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