What is indoctrination? The role of indoctrination in the function of the five senses

What is indoctrination? The role of indoctrination in the function of the five senses

Hello dear friends and companions of ALILAND Encyclopedia of Metaphysics. Today, I (Ali Bake Mirzaei) in this article want to provide you, dear friends, with useful information about what indoctrination is and what effects it can have on us. I invite you to be with it and at the end of the article, if necessary, express your opinion in the comments section.

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What is indoctrination?

Before I go into the definition of indoctrination, I would first like to introduce you to the role of the brain in receiving signals through the nervous system, and then move on to the definition of indoctrination. Signals are being transmitted to the brain through nerve fibers, and it is our brain that determines how these signals are defined. For example, when your hand burns, it is your brain that determines how it burns. Or, for example, when a sharp object takes your hand, it is your brain that determines how you feel this pain.

In general, indoctrination means convincing the brain to feel something as it is, in a state that does not exist or has not happened. For example, imagine that your hand is straight and healthy, while if you make your brain believe that your hand has been amputated, your brain determines that you are in pain as if your arm were actually amputated. Feel. Indoctrination plays an important role in our lives so that we can achieve many specific goals by indoctrination. For example, I want to give you an example of Chakras. When I stated in my articles that the Chakra is nothing more than a superstition and there is no such thing as a Chakra, many people told me that with special exercises and concentration, we were able to feel each of our Chakras! These people are not guilty because they really feel the parts related to the so-called Chakras! And the reason for this is only the indoctrination they have applied to the target part, and since they did not specify exactly how they should feel, the brain voluntarily, depending on different people, has a specific state for different parts of the body that Induced by a person focused on instruction gives sense.

Dear friends and companions, note that we will use the power of indoctrination to find the ability to take over our nervous system and act in this way as our heart desires. For example, do not feel pain or, conversely, feel pain under the cause of something that does not exist! Also, by using indoctrination, we can eliminate the feeling of hunger and reduce our appetite, or on the contrary, increase our appetite, and many other things that we can easily do by using indoctrination, including even There is a cure too!

In the end, I must say that by using the power of indoctrination, we can control our five senses and even influence our subconscious mind. By using indoctrination, we can increase our sense of fear or overcome our fear altogether. Or by using indoctrination, we can treat diseases, or by indoctrination, we can even lose or gain weight. Indoctrination has many uses that if I want to name each of the uses of indoctrination for you, we will need to write a thick book. It is interesting to know that indoctrination has many uses even in the law of attraction! Indoctrination can be used in motivational, professional and … matters! He used other uses of indoctrination to increase positive energy (positive indoctrination) or even decrease positive energy (negative indoctrination)! These were just a small part of the sea of ​​indoctrination applications we mentioned!

be successful and victorious…

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